What is VPS Hosting?

The concept of VPS hosting comes from the term virtual private server, which is essentially a dedicated virtual server that you are assigned to when you need to connect or be part of network that has more than one computer. What it is really is a method or way that you can partition one physical computer as a main server, into several virtual multiple servers that seem to be able to run on its own dedicated resources. This is done through complex OS based application and distribution of resources and ‘ghosting’ technology that allows you to view several servers in one machine.All in all, the whole set up is based on a single core computer, usually a super computer or server based machine, that has the capability of doing this. Normal computers on the higher end of the bracket might have this potential, but we are talking some serious horsepower here. But of course, it also depends really on what you need these servers for and just how intensive the operations that are going to be involved will be. If the main purpose of the server is to actually serve low level personal web hosts, then you do not need a top of the line machine, but of course, if this was a business network, then you would need a more top end machine, capable of handling some serious traffic.This was actually the arena of big main frame computers, but now, the technological access to this sort of technology has been dumbed down a bit, as there are plenty of softwares out there that can mimic the virtualization of a single computer into many entities. What happens is that software split the architecture of the single computer into many different segments, with each having equal share of the resource pool. So a server computer with about a few gigs of ram and processing power and memory share, split into 5 different virtual private servers, would share this resource equally among one another.VPS hosting has taken quite a bit of a resurgence lately, with more and more companies adopting this method of shared web hosting to actually cater to their consumer crowd. In this way, not only can they save on their resources, but they can actually expand their per-server quota. This is useful when you are trying to cut costs and need to actually spread your resources as far as they would go. So, this is a little on VPS hosting, as an option you may consider if you are interested in the arena of web hosting and would like to sign up with a company that does this. Of course, I would recommend that you do some research on the pros and cons of VPS hosting and just what you need from a web hosting service. Remember, it cannot handle great loads and that can be a limiting factor for some people, so you may want to read a little more on this before making the plunge.

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