Staying Safe in Public Wi-Fi

For people on-the-go, Wi-Fi hotspots are very important since they could do their work as with the use of the wireless internet services. People who travel a lot could continue doing their work even if they’re aware of could keep in touch with their friends and families. People who get bored could just connect to the web while waiting for their flights or while lounging at a café. Aside from convenience, public Wi-Fi is free for everyone to use. Anyone who is within the range of the Wi-Fi’s signal could have access to the internet. However, security is a price that a Wi-Fi user has to pay.In using the public Wi-Fi, you are actually putting yourself at very high risk since others who are connected to the same Wi-Fi router could have access to your computer. Any confidential information that you have in your computer might be accessed by other internet users. So how could you ensure your safety while using the public Wi-Fi?An encrypted Wi-Fi network adds protection to its users. An encrypted network has its own password or “network key” that a person has to know in to be able to use the internet service. A person within range of the Wi-Fi couldn’t automatically use the internet. He/She still has to know the password and type it in. however, an encrypted network isn’t completely safe because you are still at risk from the people who know the password and are connected to the same network.Another way of protecting yourself is concerned with other people reading your e-mail. You might think that others might be uninterested with your messages in your inbox but some snoops might already be reading them. Protect yourself by using Webmail systems with HTTPS while using the internet. When logging in to Webmail systems, you are protected since the systems use HTTPS, transmitting your password securely. The problem is, after logging in, your Webmail would return to using HTTP because it lessens their servers’ computational strain and makes supplying advertisements an easier task. Now, everyone can see your e-mails’ content and even log-in to your mail without a password by stealing your session cookie. They could only be stopped when you have logged out of your webmail. This wouldn’t be a problem with Gmail since it uses HTTPS all throughout your session.Lastly, if you’re subscribing to a commercial hotspot in which you pay a per-hour or monthly fees, see if your company offers VPN (virtual private network) connection with internet access and use it. The VPN encrypts your communication with strong ciphers and channelled across the internet and towards your company’s data center. It is then taken out and forwarded out to the company’s Internet connection. This whole process could ensure the security of the date that you have sent.You could never be safe in Wi-Fi hotspots while using the free internet services, but you could take extra precautionary measures which could up your safety level.

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