Protect Your Business From Security Threats While On-The-Road

Security and Free Wifi – How to Protect your BusinessThe bad guys are out there, you better believe it. There are hackers and crackers, script kiddies and black hats trying to gain access to the data stored on your personal computer. These people work 24/7, they cruise local hangouts that have free Wifi. They share hacking software – it’s an entire industry, one that puts your business in jeopardy. Welcome to the world of cyber-terrorism vulnerability.What motivates these hackers?The recession and further deterioration of many people’s financial situation has led to some people getting down-right desperate. This desperation causes some people to make bad choices. Hackers and thieves are not the brightest in the bunch. They consider options that the majority of us would never even contemplate. So, read on business owner, and learn how to protect your business while you work at your favorite Starbucks or any other local gathering spot that offers free Wifi.A Firefox extension that demonstrates HTTP session hijacking attacks.This threat is growing. With the new FireSheep extension that works in conjunction with FireFox – a popular Internet browser, within seconds hackers can have access to unsuspecting peoples’ Gmail, Facebook, Yahoo, Hotmail. Amazon, Hotmail, and virtually every possible service known to man. Keep in mind FireSheep is just a Firefox plug in (Google it) that has been downloaded millions of times. This plug in is totally passive network monitoring at its easiest. Its been pre-programmed to sniff for certain usernames of passwords for pre-defined sites. There are many other tools on the Internet that are available to download – for free – and the bad guys are out there waiting to use these tools in order to gain access to your sensitive information.Protect your business.Finding the perpetrators of such crimes is not impossible, and law enforcement authorities are on the case, but prevention is the best antidote. So, how do you become more secure and protect your business while working on-the-road using free Wifi? Well, for starters you should always tunnel your traffic through a ssh connection, VPN, or another secure method.To make your Gmail account secure, change this setting. Click Settings -> General, then click “Always use https”
To make all your Google Searches secure, use this – (Set it as your homepage and encourage all employees to use https).
To make your Facebook surfing secure, change this setting in your account preferences. Click Account Preferences -> Account Security, then choose “Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) whenever possible.
Any place you are not using https:// in the front of the url you are at you can expect that hackers are watching what you are doing. So when ever possible, browse using https.Cyber-terrorism and hackers are quiet threats, and therefore, they are easy to underestimate. We ignore them at our own peril.Consider other avenues to protect your business by making smart decisions, such as which web hosting provider to choose. So, what should you look for when it comes to host security? Well, ask questions to begin with. Do not just register a domain name and start building your site. Quality web hosts have knowledgeable, no cost reps who will be happy to discuss server side security. It is one of their favorite talking points. So call, ask, discover the differences between any web host and a quality web host. Choose a web hosting provider that takes security seriously. Oh, and don’t forget-go green with green hosting.

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