Partnering to Increase Your Profit at the New International Reverse Auction Site Dubli

As of June two thousand ten, a paramount advancement in Internet history has been made. The North American Dubli reverse auction site was launched on April fourth, two thousand nine. As of June two thousand ten it has become a truly planet wide Internet networking service. This now enables business people all over the world to have the opportunity to bid on jobs worldwide creating the first global service network.Dubli have gone one farther, they have incorporated other great advances to choose from: a network academy, an entertainment site, a global reverse auction and shopping mall all in a virtual Internet setting. The term used for this world wide Internet networking is called cloud computing.There is no end to the possibilities for opportunities when you can bid for work in over ninety five percent of the world. People in Australia, Japan, Peru and the United Kingdom can now bid cat the same time for service jobs. This is definitely the beginning of a very profitable trend.Do you see the possibilities, the opportunities? If you do, you are a quick study, and you know that this global scheme is going to have a huge impact on e-commerce. It will also make or break the position of worldwide companies.So how does this reverse auction work? You post a service you need on the virtual reverse auction site, then service providers all over the world will bid on the job you are offering. Some examples are advertising, contracting, catering and any other service a person may need, then you can procure the lowest cost available. In other words the lowest bid wins.Have you heard the terms e sourcing, e-auction or procurement auctions? These are reverse auctions. The buyer is called the market maker. This is the person who posts the job or the person who needs to pay for a service. Through an online forum, private chat room or via email, the service providers contact the market maker. Then they have a virtual meeting where they discuss, how long the job will take, the materials needed and costs of labor and materials.Services are not the only thing bid upon in these reverse auctions. Supplies, materials and office machines are only a few of the products that can be procured at as much as forty percent off retail. So the meeting may entail information about the product the market maker wants to purchase. Possibly the age of the product, quality and shipping costs may be discussed in the virtual meeting.Say you are small business and want a larger piece of the pie. Some business people are partnering with others to buy materials, or other items in larger quantities. This increases your profits by lowering your cost of these items. Service providers can form associations to offer a larger scope of related services, raising everyone in the association’s bottom line. Cut costs, reap more profit and make more money by partnering in Dubli.

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