Eliminating Digital Divide With Satellite Telecommunications

Digital divide refers to the gap between people with access to digital technology and those with very limited or no access to digital and information technology at all. Digital divide comprises imbalances in both the resources and skills needed to successfully participate as a digital citizen as well as physical access to technology, including computers and actual Internet access. Satellite telecommunications is making leaps and bounds in eliminating digital divide by providing satellite Internet access to parts of the world that were previously unable to access the Internet.With networks of redundant terrestrial teleports throughout Europe and the United States that uplink to a wide range of telecommunication satellites, private satellite telecommunications companies can provide coverage in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia, allowing customers to utilize the telecommunications satellite’s capacity resources at very high efficiency levels.Satellite telecommunications solutions are also ideal to deploy Enterprise Wide Area Networks (WAN) spanning multiple continents, supporting Internet access, IP data transmissions, Voice over IP and videoconferencing traffic, further eliminating the digital divide experienced by many in Africa, Iraq and Afghanistan.Satellite Internet in AfricaAfrica Satellite Internet service is in very high demand today as an efficient, reliable and technologically advanced platform for any IP connectivity requirements. Providing last mile single hop wireless connection and requiring only a clear view to the sky and electricity source to operate, VSAT in Africa is a natural fit given that terrestrial Internet Africa backbones are expensive, unreliable, difficult to install and have high damage risks. From point-to-point circuits to private networks and hubs, satellite telecommunications have made a huge difference in eliminating the digital divide all over the continent of Africa.Satellite Internet in IraqBroadband access to the Internet in Iraq is in very highly valued nowadays. This is primarily because severely disrupted terrestrial Iraq Internet infrastructure is still recovering after the events in 2003, including international connections to Public IP backbones. High performance D-TDMA iDirect-enabled Iraq Internet connectivity with guaranteed quality of service and full support of streaming applications has raised the price/performance bar for satellite Internet Iraq services, especially when compared to legacy TDMA platforms.Satellite Internet in AfghanistanBecause Afghanistan Internet connectivity is in very high demand by a number of customers ranging from residential users to multi-megabit voice and data carriers, there is a wide range of VSAT services, including high demand platforms such as ViaSat LinkStar, iDirect Infiniti, Evolution X3, DVB-S2 and SCPC now available in Afghanistan to satisfy all satellite Internet connectivity demands and help eliminate the digital divide.All over the eastern hemisphere, satellite telecommunications companies are meeting challenges and finding solutions to the most complicated and complex two-way satellite telecom tasks. Whatever the need, whether it be common Internet access, guaranteed data delivery, fast and reliable access to a Web-based applications server or corporate VPN, or maybe a real-time telemedicine conference satellite telecommunications companies are successfully closing the digital divide all over the world.

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