Become a CNA – Hunting For Work in a Recession

Are you looking for a job, or were you recently laid-off? Do you think you can not find a job because there are not any opportunities out there? Think again. There are still a few companies that are growing and thriving despite, or even because of, the economic downturn. Maybe it is time for you to make a change; why not try pursuing a career in the medical industry to ensure your financial future?Today, medical training courses are spreading across the US. One of the medical courses that is highly in demand among students is CNA Training. In spite of the recession, students are enrolling in CNA training courses because of the possibility of benefts, job opportunities, and the low cost of training – it is is more affordable when compared to other courses, such as LPN or RN training.Currently, the need for CNAs is very high. In fact, some have estimated that the need for CNAs will rise as much as 25 percent in the ten year period between 2004 and 2014. In the mainstream US health care industry, skilled medical professionals such as nurses and nursing assistants or nurse aides are badly needed to assist patients or residents in LTC facilities, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and other medical facilities. The nursing shortage has been a serious issue for many years and is one of the reasons why it is still a good area to work in during the recession. The nursing shortage includes all areas of nursing.If you are a Licensed/Certified Nurse Assistant, you can find a job in virtually any medical facility in the US. Nursing homes, hospitals, and doctor’s offices need prospective nurse aides or certified/licensed nurse assistants. With the advancement of technology today, you can gain access to any medical facility or agency that is willing to hire healthcare workers with or without experience, as long as you meet their standard qualifications.If you are interested in pursuing a job as a Nurse Assistant you can apply directly to private hospitals, nursing homes, and other health care facilities or civil service offices. Jobs in the medical industry are also frequently listed in the classified sections of newspapers. In addition, you may access and search online employment sites, such as:Medzilla
Yahoo! hot jobs
CareerBuilderNote: If you apply online, make sure you have your resume ready, and follow directions on the website when applying for a job.Remember to put your networking skills to work. Be a good student and impress your instructors and nurses at the places you intern – you never know if they will take a liking to you and offer you a position. If you know of anyone else in the medical field try getting an interview out of it. You may have to work part time to start but if you show that you are a good and dedicated employee they will most likely increase your hours.CNA work is something that is relatively easy to get into and can lead to a long and fullfilling career in the medical field.

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